WPG Americas has an extensive portfolio of system power supplies covering all of your power needs. Our suppliers are some of the most respected & reliable manufacturers in the industry able to support industrial, medical, enterprise, iot & aerospace/defense applications.

AC/DC    Artesyn |  Bel Power |  Cosel |  MinMax |  Powerbox | 
               Power Partners |  Protek Power |  Sparkle Power

DC/DC    Artesyn |  Bel Power |  Cosel |  MinMax |  Powerbox

DC/AC Inverter    Bel Power

ATX/Redundant    Sparkle Power

UPS    Sparkle Power

Cabinetized Power Systems    Unipower

WPG Americas offers EMI filters to reduce EMI/noise in single & three phase applications. Our suppliers are proven in the industry & offer an extensive portfolio of solutions.

Bell Power  |  Cosel

WPG Americas carries thermal solutions to help reduce heat & promote air flow in your system. Our suppliers are recognized leaders in the thermal management industry with a broad range of unique, cutting edge technologies.

Cosel  |   Cooliance  |   Jaro Thermal   |  NMB

WPG Americas offers a variety of cables, power cords & other assorted accessories for your power system needs. Our suppliers carry an extensive portfolio of solutions to complete your design.

Adam Tech |  Sparkle Power

WPG Americas has a wide variety of wall plug & desktop power supplies ranging from 5 to 400 watts of output. Our suppliers offer leading edge & reliable technologies able to support our customers’ expansive requirements.

Powerbox |  Power Partners |  Protek Power |  Sparkle Power

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