WPG Americas power management solutions include everything you need for your discrete power supply design. Our global suppliers offer cutting edge solutions & allow us to support our customer base throughout the world.


DC/DC    Artesyn |  Bel Power |  Cosel |  MinMax |  MPS | 
               Taiwan Semiconductor |  Tamura |  Vishay

Battery Management & Charging    MPS |  NJR

MOSFET    Vishay

PWM & Flyback Converter    MPS

Regulators    Taiwan Semiconductor |  Vishay

WPG Americas motor driver solutions offer high performance power solutions that reduce the size and cost of our customers’ power designs across multiple applications.


WPG Americas offers EMI & ESD protection for your discrete power design. Our global suppliers are proven market leaders to various industries.


WPG Americas LED driver solutions allow you to build your own discrete solution for your application. We have partnered with industry leading suppliers to provide you with a wide selection of driver components including advanced microcontrollers for complex LED applications.

MPS |  NJR |  Taiwan Semi

WPG Americas carries a wide variety of magnetic solutions ranging from large transformers to inductors. Our suppliers have extensive knowledge & a proven track record to help you with your power design.

Abracon |  Tamura |  Vishay

WPG Americas wireless charging solutions are best in class for products ranging from low to high power. Our suppliers offer flexible, firmware based solutions to support a wide variety of applications.

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