Powerbox High Efficiency Power Modules Deliver More Available Power in Slim Packaging
for Railway Demanding Applications

The ENAR 150D family of 150 Watt DC/DC converters are designed for the latest demanding needs of the railway industry. The highly integrated design using well proven technology with high integration and few external components, gives extreme high reliability and long trouble-free operation. The converter is built to be compatible with the established mechanical and connector standards used in the railway industry. The ENAR150D has two independent outputs that gives outstanding flexibility in one box. It can be used separately as two independent outputs, in parallel for double power of single output, in series to create double output voltage level, or in serial with grounded center connection to create a +/- voltage.

The Broadest SAS SSD Portfolio Meets Capacity and Endurance Needs of Any Application

The newest addition to the enterprise portfolio, the Micron S600 Series of SAS SSDs, delivers enterprise-hardened reliability and the resiliency and dependability of SAS, along with unmatched flexibility in terms of capacity and endurance options to meet any workload.

Our S600 Series SAS SSDs provide critical features required such as dual-port redundancy, encryption, counterfeiting measures, and secure erase capabilities, as well as top-notch performance to ensure that your demanding enterprise applications are not only fast, but also secure. Micron provides world-class support and proven quality and reliability that can only be offered by a truly vertically integrated SSD supplier.

USB Type-C: True Plug'n Play

Delivering data rates up to 10 Gbps and up to 100 W of power, USB Type-C is the new connector for all next generation products. Perfectly tailored for emerging product designs, it offers rich interface capabilities with 'Alternate mode' support. Together with these improved capabilities comes easier design and usability with fully reversible plug orientation and cable direction, making USB Type-C far more convenient for consumers and helping deliver a true Plug and Play experience.

New Family of Low Profile, Open Frame Series of AC-DC Power Supplies

Bel Power Solutions expands open-fame, AC-DC power supply portfolio to include the low-profile ABC75, MBC75, MBC120, ABC120, Series of power supplies for industrial applications. Specifically engineered for use in tight spaces, the high-efficiency units boasts standard 2"x3" with a less than 1" (25mm) or 1.18" (30mm) low profile. The new series are comprised of either convection cooled (no fans required) or forced-air versions to further maximize design flexibility and efficiencies.

Extended T55 Series of Polymer Tantalum Chip Capacitors

Vishay extended its T55 series of vPolyTan™ surface-mount polymer tantalum molded chip capacitors with new devices in the D and V case sizes and higher voltage ratings from 16 V to 25 V. In addition, devices in the A and B case sizes have been enhanced with lower ESR.

IGBT Power Modules Increase Efficiency and Reduce Conduction Losses in TIG Welding Machines

Vishay introduces four new half-bridge and single-switch IGBT power modules designed specifically for TIG welding machines. Built on Vishay’s proprietary Trench PT IGBT technology, the VS-GP100TS60SFPBF, VS-GP250SA60S, VS-GP300TD60S, and VS-GP400TD60S provide extremely low collector-to-emitter voltages down to 1.10 V and turn-off switching energy down to 11 mJ for output inverter stages.

TVS Diodes Safeguard Portable Electronics with 400W Surge Capability in Compact SMF Package

Vishay offers new series of surface-mount transient voltage suppressor (TVS) protection diodes that are the industry's first to feature a 2% breakdown voltage tolerance. Offered in the low-profile SMF package, Vishay's VTVSxxxASMF series devices provide high surge capability of 400W at 10/1000 μs for portable electronics


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