With enterprises deploying advanced cloud infrastructures and demanding high capacity and fast performance for AI training and inference, Micron continues to innovate in enterprise storage with a new series of flagship SSDs featuring the NVM Express™ (NVMe™) protocol. Data-intensive workloads demand consistently fast throughput and immediate access to data. The Micron 9300 series of NVMe™ SSDs delivers industry-leading sequential write performance with the lowest average write latency on the market. Accelerate your data center to meet today’s growing data demands.


  1. No Read or Write Compromises Consistently read and write up to 3.5 GB/s of
    sequential data.

  2. Added IOPS in Your Balance Sheet Maximize your data center investment with 28% improved power efficiency and increased drive performance.

  3. Optimized Performance Take advantage of solutions optimized for low latency and performance-critical workloads.

  4. HDD-Caliber Capacity, NVMe Performance Experience flexible, efficient storage utilization and multitenancy with up to 15.36TB capacity and 32 NVMe name spaces.

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