Cooliance - A Leader in LED Cooling  has an extensive range of options to provide the optimal cooling solution for your LED application. Our precision forge process provides unique advantages for LED cooling.

• Forging can produce round and other non-linear shapes that are preferred for LED applications.
• The forge process uses high pressure to form the material and provides control over the grain structure to provide superior thermal performance.
• LED’s are generally convection cooled and our forged pin fin arrays provide the best possible thermal performance in ambient environments.
• Heat sinks can be forged in either aluminum or copper.

Sizes range from 5 mm diameter to 100mm and shapes can be almost any shape you need.

Standard or modified standard solutions- We can provide a solution from our standard product line and model it to ensure that it will provide adequate cooling for your application.

Custom design services- Our thermal engineers can also work with you to design and model a custom solution optimized to meet the needs of your application.
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