Solid-State Lighting Solutions

The WPGA Lighting product offering begins with Cree LED Components, the world leader in silicon carbide-based Lighting Class LEDs. In addition to the LEDs, the light solution requires drivers, optics and thermal management components to compose a complete product design. Our supplier team has the products that not only match the LED specifications, but also match features required for your products.

Beyond lighting components, WPGA Lighting has assembled a team of partners to bridge the gap between components and the finished goods required by your customers. Whether your product design requires an expert or a turn-key manufacturing solution, the WPGA Lighting Partner Network is prepared to turn your idea into a reality.


Lighting Specialists

Professionals with years of experience in Lighting and LED technology, WPGA Lighting Specialists deliver the solutions for your product design. You can have confidence that your products will benefit from the participation of a WPGA Lighting Specialist in the product design stage. The team that has helped hundreds of customers over the years will lend that experience and training to assure a successful product design.


World-Class Distribution

Your product design, whether manufactured locally or overseas, deserves a world-class supply chain solution. WPG Americas certifies each field sales team member in our solid-state lighting product offering through extensive training and testing. You can depend upon the WPG Americas distribution facilities in North America or abroad to deliver your components in a timely, professional manner, to your manufacturing location.


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