Medical Electronics manufacturers need highly reliable products that are going to be available for years to come. Our industrial LCDs, peripherals, and customization capabilities fit these requirements perfectly, and so are often featured in Medical electronic products. We also supply highly complex and reliable cable assemblies that are 100% made in the US.

WPGA supplies numerous products to Medical equipment manufacturers. From displays with integrated touch screens and open frame designs to complete subassemblies with displays, touch screens, cables, housings etc. WPGA also offers testing at all levels from incoming screening to final system test. WPGA has provided design assistance to many of our customers in the Medical equipment field. We can assist with designs for sheet metal parts, cables, incorporation of SBC’s, high bright panels, anti-glare, anti-reflection and all thermal considerations.

As many professionals in the medical imaging field know, monochrome CRT displays are unsurpassed when it comes to displaying grey scale pictures. We offer ultra high resolution LCD products for use as replacements to the older CRT technologies. WPGA offers CRT replacements that will keep your legacy systems up and running.
On the other end of the spectrum, we also offer full color LCD upgrades for aging equipment. Used in thermal imaging, CT scans, and life support equipment, as well as in many other applications, imaging displays spend large amounts of time running. This can dramatically reduce the expected life of your display, leading to costly downtime, administrative headaches, or even put a patient's life in jeopardy. With a life of 50 000 hours, if our displays were run for 24 hours a day, every day of the year, they would last for over 5 and a half years! As with our CRT options, our LCD replacements keep all of the required medical approvals in place, which eliminates the need to seek out brand new equipment.

WPG Americas’ LCD solutions program really performs in the Military Electronics industry. We supply the highest quality LCD panels with many different options including high-brighting, sunlight readability, NVIS, low EMI and much more. We also provide American made cable assemblies that meet multiple military specifications, and components that help meet the low power demands of mobile devices.

WPGA has supplied displays for use in various Military applications including simulators and ruggedized laptops. WPGA is ISO 9000 and AS9120 certified, taking special note that we are also ITAR certified which makes us the perfect partner to our Military and Avionics customers. We can supply bonded panels that will meet the requirements of rapid temperature and pressure changes
as well as shock and vibration requirements. WPGA also has a demonstrated NVIS capability which can be incorporated into airborne, ground based and hand held displays. These combined with touch screen integration and complete black box builds allows WPGA to provide total solutions to all our Military customers.

WPGA understands the unique need placed on military personnel and equipment. This calls for tough display products that can stand up to the harshest of conditions. Our military grade display products are ruggedized, with damage resistant touch screens. These ensure that dust, dirt, oil and water will not damage the screen or the electrical components housed within. Wide viewing angles ensure that everyone within a vehicle will be able to read the display. We offer rugged monitors that can be used in Army, Air Force, Naval, and other applications. In addition to our work with specific military standards, we maintain ISO 9001 certification for quality management systems, follow ITAR regulations and implement leading-edge technical innovations.

WPG Americas has a proven record of supplying the aerospace market with in flight entertainment displays for both commercial and private aircraft. Our Quality Systems allows us to design and manufacture high quality products for the aerospace industry. We have designed and manufactured cabin lighting controllers which incorporate a display, touch sensor, cabling and all electronics into a single housing.

Marine displays are used in outdoor environments, often in direct sunlight. For this reason, high bright and wide operating temperature solutions are important for marine monitors to be legible in the sunlight. Our LCDs and peripherals are designed to offer crisp images, even in direct sunlight. At WPGA Displays, we have three display technologies that work well in direct sunlight: Super bright LED backlit displays, optical bonding and ruggedized touch technologies.

In addition to having a sunlight readable display, a good marine solution has to be able to withstand exposure to the elements. Our experience in military applications has led to designs created with severe environments in mind. Our displays and peripherals are able to operate over a wide temperature range and in the harsh conditions typically experienced by marine displays.

Industrial electronic machinery often needs to be ruggedized and highly accurate. Whether it’s for factory automation or for mobile products out in the field, we have tough components that meet and exceed these requirements. From heavy duty, highly specific cable assemblies and wire harnesses, to ruggedized LCDs with touch screens, or specialized tapes and adhesives, we have quite a few products that would fit perfectly inside the best industrial electronic machinery.

The industrial market represents a large segment of today’s display market. WPGA supplies displays for many industrial applications; for example, we provide multiple size displays with integrated touch screens for use on machining center controls.
We also supply displays that are used in industrial scales as well as lens grinding equipment. WPGA enhanced displays can also be utilized in a farm equipment, navigation and control system. WPGA is a leader in the industrial displays and controls market. We have expanded our display module and product offerings to include AMLCD, Passive character and graphic LCDs, OLED and electroluminescent displays. These products are complemented by a full line of accessories and display interfacing hardware.

WPGA display solutions have been installed in major airports across the country for use in advertising applications. WPGA has installed video walls for security / emergency surveillance, in store displays and advertising / information displays in Casinos. We can provide local and remote content control for a single display panel to any size matrix of panels to form the desired size video wall. WPGA has taken video walls from concept through installation including video, audio, structural and power requirements as well as thermal considerations. We have also supplied outdoor displays for the fast food industry.

The automotive industry presents a unique set of challenges for electronics including being able to withstand high levels of motion, heat and long lifetime requirements. Well, we supply DRAM, relays, capacitors and more components specifically engineered for the automotive industry. Our LCDs are also a great fit in vehicles or on subway platforms as well. Remember we are classified as a woman-owned small business and the automotive industry has numerous supplier diversity programs honoring tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers.

WPGA has supplied the transportation industry with a variety of display solutions. We have run the gamut from airborne entertainment systems to information displays used in police cruisers, to displays for major metropolitan mass transit systems.
WPGA can supply everything from a standard out of the box display to a fully customized unit that may be high bright, ruggedized or have enhanced optical performance.

The gaming industry has been serviced by WPGA Display Solutions for many years. We have manufactured a hand held bingo device which includes an SBC, LCD & touch screen integrated into a hand held device. We have provided displays for use in automated card tables and have designed slot machine upgrade kits.

The test and measurement market faces unique challenges by the very nature of the application. Test and measurement design engineers rely on WPGA Displays and Solutions to be able to supply a wide breadth of LCD and OLED selection and identify opportunities to create feature rich, high value solutions.

Because the use of LCDs is expanding so rapidly in the test and measurement market, customers are also looking for a single supplier partner like WPGA to ease the burden of sourcing from multiple vendors. WPGA recognizes that there are many niches within the test and measurement market that have difference requirements.
Standard LCD display offerings can be the simple solution to what is often the greatest challenge to the most visible and important part of the product, the users interface. Increasingly design engineers are finding that many standard, off-the-shelf display technologies do not meet all of their needs and recognize that a total engineered solution will offer the best result for more complex design needs and enriched feature options. WPGA specializes in adding value to a customer design by creating such solutions.

Consumer displays and the products market is probably one of the most challenging of the business sectors. It is a mix of domestic and international requirements and trends. As one of the fastest moving and most technologically demanding markets you must have access to bleeding edge tech. WPGA has a very solid consumer grade offering of displays yielding our customers access to the sharpest most innovative displays without breaking the bank. These markets include television sets (TV), set-top boxes (STBs), media players, digital cameras, white goods, and high-demand personal electronic devices, etc, etc.

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