Embedded single board computers ranging from 3.5” to 5.25” form factors. (PC/104, EPIC, ITX, PICO-ITX, RISC CPU Modules) All in one panel PCs and ruggedized enclosures.

TN, STN, FSTN, CST, TFT and OLD, semi-custom and full custom displays and modules. Vertically incorporated with factory integrated resistive and capacitive touch options, PCB fab and assembly.

Touch screens (4, 5, 8 wire resistive & PCAP), ranging from 3" to 22" suited for all consumer to industrial applications.

AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies.

Front end, AC/DC, DC/DC, ruggedized, emobility, DC/AC power supplies

AC/DC, DC/DC, noise filter and switching power supplies

LCD controllers and accessories that produce display devices from high end specialist instruments to 24/7 signage displays.

TFT, CSTN, STN graphic, STN character & resistive / PCAP touch LCD displays.

LED drivers, drop-in replacement LED drivers and CCFL inverters.

Color TFT LCDs, highbright TFT LCDs, embedded displays, monochrome LCD & touch panels.

4-, 5-, 7-wire, single and dual-touch resistive touch panels, standard and custom projected capacitive touch, controller boards and microcontrollers.

Cost effective industrial LCD controllers & accessories for flat panel displays.

Full size CPU card, half size CPU card, back plane, industrial motherboard, embedded board, ETX/COM express/Q7 & TPM modules and industrial touchscreens.

Flat panel displays ranging from 3.5" to 65" in multiple resolutions and aspect ratios.

DRAM, DRAM modules, NAND Flash, NOR Flash, SSD Storage, Phase change memory and
hybrid memory cube.

AC/DC, DC/DC power converters.

Worldclass heavy industrial TFTs, highbright & ultra bright models ranging frm 4.3" to 19.2".

OLED, TFTs, RGB displays, serial interface, LCD character, LCD graphic, LCD-COG modules & VF displays.

AC & DC fans, DC blowers and motorized impellers.

AC/DC, DC/DC, ruggedized, custom power supplies.

AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies.

AC/DC power supplies.

4-wire / 5-wire resistive, surface capacitive, fire-wire resistive, multi touch screens & projected capacitive touch panels.

Display flat flex, high voltage, inverter, shielded cables & cable assemblies.

Mobile, PC, monitor, large TV and digital information displays in sizes ranging from 3.5" to 82" with wide viewing angle.

Industrial Strength LCDs built to perform in environments ranging from factories to physician’s offices. Their durable construction, high contrast, high brightness, wide viewing angles, and high operating temperatures deliver high performance for your very toughest product demands.

TX, redundant, AC/DC, DC/DC, UPS power supplies, battery chargers, LED drivers, power cords and cables.

Computer hardware and peripherals.

AMLCD display products and solutions from both NLT Technologies, Ltd. and the Tianma Group.

Projected capacitive, resistive, surface capacitive, and custom touch screens.

Dot matrix character & graphic DC plasma & LED display modules.

One of the largest developer, designer & manufacturer of OEL (OLED-Organic Lighting
Emitting Diode) displays.

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