About WPG Americas Inc.

Headquartered in San Jose, CA, WPG Americas Inc. is a member of WPG Holdings, the largest electronics distributor in Asia. Founded in November 2007, WPG Americas is a franchised partner to technology leaders in the Semiconductor, Passive, Electromechanical, Interconnect, Display and Lighting Solutions markets.

As a member of WPG Holdings, WPG Americas is uniquely positioned to support our diverse customer base including contract manufacturers (CMs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and value-added resellers (VARs).

WPG Americas is focused on providing total solutions to our customers and suppliers via superior design engineering services, a focused line card and exceptional, quality service.

WPG Americas - Global Leader, Local Service

About WPG Holdings

WPG Holdings the largest electronics distributor in Asia and the world*,headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan (TSE:3702).  WPG is operating through four leading semiconductor components distributors (WPIg, SACg, AITg, and YOSUNg) serves as a franchise partner more than 250 worldwide suppliers. With 5,000 staff in about 100 sales offices around the world, WPG achieved US$20. 65 billion in 2020 revenue.  WPG, the first holding company in semiconductor components industry, has the global operation, local flexibility and long-term development in Asia-Pacific Market. With our vision “the First Choice of Industry • the Benchmark of Distribution”, and shared values “Teamwork, Integrity, Professionalism and Effectiveness”. we have been awarded by “Global Electronic Component Distributor Awards” for 20 consecutive years. Under the new manufacturing trend, we are committed to transforming into a Data-Driven enterprise, and build an online digital platform - WPG DADAWANT.  We are positioned as a LaaS (Logistics as a Service) provider to advocate smart logistics and assist our customers in facing the challenges of smart manufacturing. WPG expected to build trust with technologies and build a co-opetition eco-system together with the industry through “alliances”.  Moreover, we proactively promote the digital transformation based on the principle of “customer orientation, technology empowerment, collaborative ecosystem and era co-creation”. (*Source: Ranked No. 1 by Gartner Research Mar. 2021.)

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