January 15th
WPG Americas announces the release of a new white paper that explores the advantages of UV LED systems. The white paper was developed to help OEM's and design engineers identify and deliver the optimum UV LED sterilization system for their applications.
January 15th
While UV light, specifically UV-C, is known for its ability to destroy microorganisms, light in the visible spectrum between 400-405nm ranges also shows some germ-killing properties, but what's the difference between these two types of light source?
January 8th
The disinfecting properties of sunlight lie specifically in the UV spectrum, which makes up nearly 10% of total solar light output. UV disinfection is a chemical- and toxin-free alternative that works just as well, or even better than chemical treatments.
January 3rd
The use of ultraviolet (UV) sterilization is quickly growing as a safe, non-toxic, and cost-effective alternative to chemical disinfection. Learn more about why UV LED is the future of disinfection technology.
December 11th
Smart agriculture or smart farming refers to tech-driven crop production and involves the use of sensors, Internet of Things devices, drones, robotics, big data, Artificial Intelligence, and more. How does LED lighting factor in?
November 26th
In the developed world, where the demand for locally-grown food is rising steadily, cultivation in soil-less and controlled environments — such as greenhouses and indoor farms — are allowing farmers to provide fresh, seasonal, and safe produce…

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- Introducing three new series of 15W, 20W and 30W board mount DC/DC converters for demanding medical applications, totaling 105 models.

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