November 22nd
Aquantia Announces Special Holiday Pricing for AQtion Multi-Gig Ethernet Adaptors, available from WPG Americas!
November 21st
The iHP series, created to meet varied design requirements of industrial and medical applications, is an extension of Artesyn’s current product portfolio of configurable AC to DC power supply products. This is part two of this two-part series.
November 20th
LEDiL, a leading global manufacturers of LED lenses, reflectors, and optical components — recently announced the launch of HEKLA COB Sockets, with push-in solderless connectors.
November 19th
The next-generation regulated bus converter, the 0RCY-F0S10B from Bel Power is equipped with a 45-56 VDC input and a 10.2 VDC at 49 A output, which offers up to 500 W of high power in an eighth brick footprint.
November 17th
Artesyn Embedded Technologies' iHP series offers superior accuracy, high resolution, and robust stability, either as a programmable voltage, or current source. Learn more about this innovative product in part one of this two-part video series.
November 16th
Newhaven Display International, a global leader in high-quality OLED, LCD, and VFD Displays recently released their largest display yet, a 10.1” MVA TFT and 10.1” MVA TFT CTP. The new 10.1” TFTs were added to the product line to reach wi…
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