April 27th
3D XPoint — a brand new class of non-volatile memory— is the first fundamentally new technology to be introduced in the memory space after more than 25 years! Download our white paper to learn about the benefits of XPoint, advantages and more.
April 26th
Thermal management in solid-state lighting applications is a crucial part of the LED design framework because important system parameters like the light quality, output, and lifetime largely depend on it. When it comes to thermal design...
April 25th
Winbond Electronics Corporation, a leading supplier of semiconductor solutions to the consumer, computer, communications and electronics product markets, offers mobile DRAM solutions to extend memory applications beyond mobile phones and tablets.
April 23rd
Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. recently announced the Vishay Dale WSHP2818, a new automotive-grade power metal strip resistor. The WSHP2818 delivers a high 10W power rating in a compact 2818 case size!
April 20th
LED designers should do a thorough thermal analysis to make sure the local ambient air temperature is kept as cool as possible. A great way to ensure that is to keep enough holes and air ventilation to allow the heat to dissipate. Learn more in the video!
April 19th
Micron Technology, a worldwide leader in memory and storage solutions, recently announced the launch of Xccela Flash, adding it to its broad portfolio of high-performance memory technologies including DRAM, NAND, and NOR Flash.
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